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Educational Animal Encounters Programming and Services


Plymouth, MA

“America’s Hometown”


Our Animals


The animals at the menagerie are mostly rescues.

Enola and Holmes are our rescued rabbit pair, Tris is a rescue and certified therapy dog with TDI; she’s a beagle malamute mix. Wicket, Pickles, Squash and Pumpkin are our 4 guinea pigs. Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats came from Oh Ma Goats Farm in West Barnstable MA. Matilda is a Julianna Mini Pig from Mulberry Meadows Farm in MI. This March we are expecting our first Mini Highland heifer named Nestle. We often have new arrivals, so you never know who you will get to meet here at the menagerie! We just rescued two sugar gliders, a hedgehog, and bearded dragon!

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Valkyrie, Thor, Beyla, Freya and Loki 

Having been raised as bottle fed babies, these three goats are super friendly, and enjoy spending time with humans and their dog Tris. These goats also visit assisted living facilities to provide enjoyment, and love to others. 

Small Animals

Enola and Holmes are rescued rabbits, Squash, Wicket, Pickles and Pumpkin are rescued guinea pigs.

Our two sugar gliders are named Grogu and Yoda. 

Sonic is a one year old hedgehog that is always up for fun. 

Finally we have Rey the bearded dragon who enjoys eating live worms and walking on her leash. 

Animal Encounter Camp

Summer 2024

(Deposits due 3/31)

M-f 9:30-3:00

($500 Per session due 4/30/23) 

Weeks of:

Session 1 June 17 2024

Session 2 July 11 2024

Session 3 July 22 2024

Session 4 August 5 2024

Session 5 August 19 2024

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