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Educational Programs

There are many options at Sunny Brook when it comes to programming. The summer camps are packed full of biology lessons, animal husbandry, and animal related crafts.

Students also have access to wealth of books and materials to deepen their knowledge of the animals at the menagerie.

These lessons can be customized for group visits as well as birthday events. 


Animal Encounter 

Visit us for a animal encounter where you will get one on one time with the animals at the farm. During your visit you will not only be able to get up close and personal, but also learn all about the animals you are interacting with. This privately scheduled visit is for families, or small groups and lasts 1 hour. 


Summer Program

Each week is packed with animal encounters, training sessions, lessons in animal husbandry, and studying animal biology. Lunch is held outside at the picnic table, surrounded by all of the animals of the menagerie. An afternoon of related crafts will finish off the day. Each day students also receive a non-fiction book relating to the topic of study for that day. 


Business Collaboration

The animals at the menagerie act as ambassadors for animal welfare and are able to attend events at farms, and other businesses with like minded interests. 

The animals are also available for therapeutic visits to help bring joy to humans of all ages. 

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